The wrapped gift

The days before and at Christmas are about gifts, the contents of which are usually unknown to the addressee.
What is often to be observed there?
Someone looks at the gift that was handed over or placed under the Christmas tree days before Christmas Eve. What is in it? What does the size and the weight suggest? Curiosity has gained presence. What shoots you spontaneously in the head?
What do you want urgently or what do you not want at all?
Some people begin to pray inwardly: “Please, please let this or that which I so much desire be in this wrapped gift”. The thoughts circle and solidify around the imagination, and develop into an expectation, as if it were already a fact that the desired is hidden behind the wrapping paper.
When the expectation is fulfilled after the wrapping has been removed, reassurance comes in, perhaps even joy. In the other case, a feeling of disappointment arises in microseconds, with the known emotional consequences.
The fulfilment of the expectation is in any case more beautiful, that is already clear.
But one thing is also clear, in both cases the hope, which may have increased to a heartfelt request up to a desperate plea, has had absolutely no influence on the content.
When the expectation was fulfilled, the content was already fixed, and in the case of disappointment, the content was not changed. So altogether wasted life energy.
You can smile about this possible scenario and maybe it seems familiar.
Transferred to life it can give us an indication if we are in the here and now, and how we can accept that “so it is”.

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